The Best Sunday of 2014

panama shoot 123

This Sunday was probably my favourite day of 2014. From the time I woke up (at 4.30am) to the minute my head hit the pillow, I don’t think I stopped smiling.

My partner in crime, twin loon and all around best friend Claudia and I were doing the Color Run

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Color Run, do some research and see about getting yourself involved in 2015 because it is SO much fun. During a 5km course (and you don’t have to run, you can cartwheel your way around it if it makes you happy) you get dyed cornflour thrown on you at intervals by volunteers. When you cross the finish line, you are given a packet of coloured powder, and during a massive disco-like dance party everyone throws the colour on each other. 

Considering that tens of thousands of people do the Color Run, the end result is that you end up covered in colour from head to toe.


panama shoot 228









Claudia and I had prepared well for this. Not only were our phones wrapped in layers of cling wrap, our hair was loaded with cheap conditioner to keep the colour from staining, we were wearing newly purchased cheap sneakers, shorts and underwear, and I had about 5 water bottles and hand towels in my car to wipe the excess colour off. 

By the time we trudged home to shower we were exhausted, muddy, and we had colour in places that hadn’t even seen the light of day during the course (Claudia had had green powder thrown in her face at the first station and it had stained the rims of her teeth, making her look like she’d had an epic sushi eating session). 

 No matter how hard I washed and scrubbed, I couldn’t get the pink colour out of my arm pit! It served as a reminder for the next two days of how much fun we had.

 After going to lunch, I put Claud on the train and stopped at a park with Chelsey to take these photos. No sooner had we started taking them then my surrogate sister Shizzy (meet Shizzy in our past post “Perfectly Pretty Pansy”) started Facetime-ing me from San Francisco.

 I was actually speaking to her throughout this shoot, and the result was that in more than half the photos my face was contorted into strange positions as I laughed at things Shizzy had said or started talking back to her when Chelsey didn’t expect me to. 

Needless to say my photographer was not at all impressed and didn’t hesitate to tell me that I needed to “quit mucking around and focus Heidi!” 

 I wore this silk Witchery dress (similar here) to lunch because after being out in the elements on a summer morning, I was desperate to be in something cool and light. I paired it with a pair of nude Wittner sandals to keep the colour of the dress looking clean and bright, and a Panama hat from Seed Heritage with a band to match my shoes. To keep my look casual I used a woven clutch from Collette (a personal favourite of mine because it works so well with summer outfits). My blue bangle is Georgini from The Silver Shop, my rings are Witchery, Spinning Jewellery and Silver Girl, and my nail polish is OPI’s “Lucky Lucky Lavender”. 

 I hope that during 2015, you can all have a day as wonderful as this one was for me.


Heidi xx

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  1. This outfit goes together really well


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