Flower Power


There is no way I could ever be described as a minimalist. In every aspect of my life: fashion, home decoration – I’d even go so far as to say my personality, I am unashamedly a lover of frou frou. It’s not that I can’t appreciate clean, simplistic lines and sparse decoration or lack of ornamentation and fluff; it just doesn’t suit ME very well.






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Dress – Alannah Hill, Boots – Alannah Hill, Bag – Forever New, Bracelets – Mimco, Earrings – Beaut

You can imagine my delight when years ago, after working full-time for six months and having money of my own for the very first time, I stumbled across this dress in Alannah Hill. The texture in the fabric is definitely my favourite thing about this dress, but add to that the flower pattern, pastel colours and simple design that keep it from crossing into frumpy territory and I was in seventh heaven. 

 I attribute the fact that I ever bought these boots, also Alannah Hill, to my love for all things pink. I have to admit that at the time of purchase I was sceptical that I would get much wear out of them.

I know that colour of my boots does not appear anywhere on my dress. Often I lament the fact that I am not more of a risk taker when it comes to fashion because I simply cannot get over my deeply ingrained OCD tendency to have all components of my outfit matching and co-ordinated. 

I originally pulled these boots out to try on with this dress because I thought they were much closer to the coral colour in the flowers on the dress than the dusty pink that they actually were. However when I had the whole thing on I decided that it worked in a quirky kind of way. 

This outfit completely appeals to my love of a bit of senseless fuss and frivolity. 

 This Sunday was one of the first days of my annual summer holiday (not that you can tell, but I was actually sporting a somewhat impressive tan considering my normal near-albino state).

 I had spent the morning cleaning my apartment and doing all sorts of other uninteresting but necessary activities when Chelsey called me from her work and asked if I’d like to have lunch with her. 

Considering I was slaving away in what my parents would call my “yard clothes”, I jumped at the chance to turn myself back into a somewhat presentable human being and get out of the house. I roped my friend Adeline into doing my hair for me (the girl is a genius when it comes to hair and my creativity is seriously limited), and the three of us ended up spending a gorgeous afternoon together with great food and a perfectly cloudless sky. 

 Poor Adeline even had to hang around while we took these photos. She was an eye-witness to a lot of good natured arguing and exasperated gesturing from Chelsey, a lot of immature behaviour and giggling from me, and a whole lot of drama when I almost put my hand on a dead mouse… but that’s another story. 

Heidi xx


  1. Adeline is amazing with hair!!! And this dress is to die for 😍😍


  2. George Bokaris

    You are actually so beautiful. I love the boots! My favourite post yet 😍


  3. Tiffany

    Love love love the hair! Suits the dress so well


  4. Becky.J

    Florals are my favourite. Love your blog


  5. Christy Stans

    May i just comment on how gorgeous a model you are? Seriously fantastic work here 🙂


  6. Harvey

    Beautiful photography as always. Well done 👍


  7. K.K

    The boots are amazing


  8. Kayla denise

    Flowers definitely suit you the best. Wish I was that diverse in all styles though


  9. Adeline

    Love this outfit! So well put together as usual. And the hair, it was a pleasure 🙂 ❤️❤️


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