Rules Were Made to be Broken


I have (had) a rule. I never wear strapless clothes. I had in the past and on every occasion I ended up feeling so uncomfortable and pulling at whatever I was wearing so much that I vowed never again. This rule lasted for about eight years, but died a very swift and unforeseen death one Sunday when I walked into Forever New and fell in love-at-first-sight with this little floral-printed STRAPLESS dress.










Dress, Forever New; Shoes, Forever New; Clutch, similar here; Earrings, Forever New; Bracelets, Tiffany & Co and similar here; Necklace, similar here 

 What’s more, when I tried the dress on, I came to realise that my ridiculous phobia and consequent rule-imposing possibly had something to do with the fact that eight years ago I had the body of a 16-year-old full-time ballet dancer, with about as many curves as a 30cm ruler, which is certainly not the case anymore. 

 When the girl behind the counter asked me what occasion I was buying a dress for, I stuttered like it was my Mum asking and not a friendly shop assistant. It was just one of those things I decided to take home with me because it caught my eye, I liked it even more once I put it on, and after wandering the shopping centre um-ing and ah-ing for a few hours my mind was firmly made up. 

 The dress is printed with blue and yellow flowers, though the yellow flowers seem to show up much more than the blue. For this reason I decided to wear jacaranda coloured heels, and because I thought the dress was pretty enough that it didn’t really need any help from accessories, I kept my jewellery even finer than I usually do.

 So when will I wear the dress? It’s my birthday next Friday, and I’m going to the ballet again soon, and my friend has a going-away dinner on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. 

Heidi xx


  1. I’m your no.1 fan because I’m addicted to your page😍😱


  2. oppi2005

    Beautiful dress x


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