The Culottes Trend


What are culottes? Until recently I had no clue. But as I saw them increasingly often in magazines and on celebrities in my Instagram feed, I decided to do some investigating. 







IMG_0845Culottes, Forever New; Top, Forever New; Heels, Forever New; Clutch, Kookai; Earrings, Swarovski; Necklace, Samantha Wills; Sunglasses, Prada; Nail Polish, OPI Swirl of Euphoria

According to Wikipedia, culottes were originally knee-breeches introduced in France, and commonly worn by gentlemen of the upper-classes in Europe during the early 19th century.
These days the term “culottes” refers to any garment that “hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants”. When the garment was first introduced for women in the 19th century, it was to make riding astride a horse (as opposed to side saddle) easier whilst still giving the impression that the woman was wearing a long skirt.
When I saw these culottes in Forever New my first thought was how comfortable they looked. My second thought was a complete outfit featuring said pants. This can be dangerous as when outfits pop completed into my head, one of two things happen. Either I am behind pleased with the result or I end up looking like a bunyip (if you don’t know what a bunyip is, Google Images will provide you with some truly flattering pictures). Thank goodness the fashion Gods chose to smile on me and the end result was ridiculously comfortable. Look out for these culottes- I’m sure they’ll make another appearance on The Professional Cinderella very soon.
Heidi xx