Bohemian Birthday


Ever since I moved away from home, my birthday has been doomed to be a supremely uneventful day. It’s no one’s fault but my own: my parents call and send beautiful presents and cards that make me cry, my godmother makes such an effort, and my students and friends are all wonderful. But I suppose I feel the year is just picking up momentum after our summer holidays and therefore, the day seems to pass by like any other and I don’t stop and smell the roses.







Skirt, Forever New (similar here); Top, Forever New (similar here); Shoes, Wittner (similar here); Bag, Colette Hayman (similar here); Earrings, similar here; Rings, Lovisa (similar here

 This year however, not only did I have all the wonderful people in my life making my day special, but I had so many activities planned that they ended up spanning two Sundays, so I kind of felt like my birthday went for an entire week. 

 The first Sunday I had plans to get my hair cut with my friend Layla. I think this is turning into a bit of a birthday tradition for us as we did the same thing for her birthday in August last year (you can read all about that in our previous post Tea, Tulle and Tyalgum). 

I had clear instructions to arrive at Layla’s beach-front house about two hours before our appointment. Layla is notorious for running late, so I didn’t know what to think except that she was giving us an awful lot of time to make the ten minute drive to the hair salon. When I arrived my phone went off, and I was directed down onto the beach where Layla had set up a picnic breakfast complete with fresh croissants, strawberries, home-made juice and…. a packet of potato chips (?!?!?). I felt so touched that someone had done something for me that was so personally perfect and thoughtful. 

Off we went to our hair appointment where I decided to chop my hair to the bottom of my shoulder blades (not that this is a life-altering decision or anything, but I hadn’t actually had any length taken off my hair since I grew it out from its pixie crop). I swear I was Rapunzel in a previous life because my hair grows SO quickly, and even more so when it’s just been cut. I should be grateful but it makes it very hard to keep it the way I want it for any length of time. 

 That afternoon Layla and I drove north to Surfer’s Paradise to get ice cream. Layla had heard of a new place called Negative210, a liquid nitrogen ice-creamery. The concept is pretty amazing. Ingredients are put in a bowl, then liquid nitrogen is added. It freezes the ingredients too fast for ice crystals to form, leaving the smoothest, creamiest ice cream I have ever tasted, and it’s made virtually instantaneously. 

 I dressed for this day wanting to be comfortable, and apart from one incident when I tripped up the stairs at Layla’s house, it ended up being perfectly comfortable.

I felt like I had fit three Sundays into one by the time I got home. Thank you Layla for putting in so much effort and making the day so special.


Heidi xx 

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  1. oppi2005

    WoW…you look so Beautiful, Romantic even….great Blog x


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