Shake Your Tail Feather

I am one of those people who get annoyingly distracted by small things. When I was little girl, I had a t-shirt with satin fish on it. My Mum would drop me to day care and I would spend all day stroking the fish because I liked the feel (this incidentally developed into a life-long habit). I fiddle with buttons, I absently play with my hair, I continually rotate the snap on a handbag if I think it makes a cool “click into place” sound. Can you imagine what I’m like in this skirt?






Top, Alannah Hill (similar here); Skirt, Alannah Hill (similar here); Shoes, Zu (similar here); Clutch, Mimco; Earrings, Mimco; Bangles, David Jones (similar here); Bangle, Georgini

I bought it for a trip to London years ago, and although I don’t wear it very often, I take great delight in making all the little fringing and bugle beads sway in synchronisation whenever I have it on. Annoying, I know.

I decided to wear this outfit to watch the Queensland Ballet’s production of La Sylphide, which tells the tale of a Sylph who charms a betrothed Scottsman, then dies when he tries to capture her and her wings fall off.





I thought if I wore the skirt to an event that involved me primarily sitting on a chair in a dark room for a few hours, I really couldn’t go wrong.

For the first three quarters of the evening, I held myself in check. On the way back to the hotel I gave in to my inner Shakira and boogied at every red light we had to stop at.
Heidi xx

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