Gypsy Soul


I don’t really have a gypsy soul, but I’d like to think there’s a little bit of an adventurer in me. I also get ideas stuck in my head, and I really hate not seeing them through to conclusion.








IMG_1146Skirt, Kookai (similar here); Top, Sportsgirl (similar here); Earrings, Riley Burnett (similar here); Bangles, Georgini; Ring, The Silver Shop, (similar here)

Case in point: I was in Byron Bay with my friend Millie and had heard from another friend who is a photographer about an abandoned railway bridge. My friend had been looking into the whereabouts of this bridge so that she could take some dance photos on it, and once she mentioned it to me, the idea got stuck in my head that I would quite like to find it too.It was simple enough to find where the railway track crossed over a river, and from the map that I was looking at, it seemed relatively simple to access the bridge. Either we could find the track further down where it crossed a road and then walk along the tracks to the bridge, or go to the mouth of the river and walk back along the bank, or park in the little cul-de-sac shown on the map and walk across what I assumed was a few metres of grass to the track. Really, at the age of 24, I should have known better.

Services on this railway were suspended in 2004. Since then the track has fallen into disrepair and has become overgrown with native vegetation. Therefore when we tried to access the bridge from the road, we couldn’t get through as it was blocked by head-height shrubbery and trees (and before you say “go around the trees”, I’ll tell you that I tried every which way to do that). When we tried to walk along the riverbank, we found that there actually was no “riverbank” but several feet of black mud that backed on to a fence, and the supposed few metres of grass turned out to be a few metres of thicker vegetation than we had encountered when we tried to access the bridge from the road. After much thought and investigation, we snuck through someone’s back yard onto the track, and fought our way through the somewhat more amenable scrub that separated us from the bridge.

By the time we got there it was around golden hour and Millie, who I must say was taking the job of photographer very seriously, took these photos. Finding that bridge took tenacity, time, determination and probably a fair amount of stupidity, however the fun that we had, the sunset we experienced and the memory that was made is not worth trading for anything.

Heidi xx

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