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I wore this outfit a few weekends ago. Even though it’s now officially autumn in Australia, the weather has continued to be uncomfortably warm and humid. My only issue is that to compensate, every building in the country has their air-conditioner set to Arctic-worthy temperatures.






IMG_1156Shirt, Country Road (similar here); Pants, Alannah Hill (similar here); Shoes, Oroton (similar here); Bag, Zara (similar here); Earrings, Forever New; Watch, Citizen Eco Drive (similar here)

This particular Sunday I knew was going to be spent indoors, and so to combat the sub-zero temperatures that everyone insists on, I decided to wear pants.

This turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Not only did the air-conditioner in my car stop working about 20 minutes in to a 2 hour drive, but I had a change of plans in the afternoon and ended up spending most of the day walking around in the heat.

The highlight of my day was finding these fantastic shoes. The colour was bright, happy and perfect. When I tried them on in the shop, I immediately switched them with the shoes I had on. I normally like to totally colour-coordinated when I dress, so having royal blue pumps, when there was no other blue on my outfit was a bit daring for me, but I was too taken with them to resist.

Heidi xx

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