Knit Me Baby One More Time

How cheesy is the title of this post? It just popped into my head and I haven’t been able to think of anything else clever to call it! I wore this outfit on my last day in Wellington over Easter. I knew that with my thin Australian blood I would be cold, and there’s no better remedy for that than a knitted jumper.







Sweater, Zara (similar here); Skirt, Zara (similar here); Cap, Alannah Hill (similar here); Boots, Nine West; Clutch, Forever New; Necklace, Samantha Willis; Bangles, Kate Spade and Ted Baker; Rings, Spinning Jewellery; Earrings, Swarovski

After the tedious chore of re-packing my suitcase, I suggested to Millie and my friend Layla that we venture out and find something to eat. We walked along the Harbour and past some picturesque little boat houses.

After breakfast, Millie had to race back to the hotel, but Layla and I had about an hour and half on our hands before I needed to meet my shuttle to the airport. An hour and a half is an inconvenient amount of time. It’s too long just to sit and ponder life, but not really long enough to do something really worth doing.






Just as I had finished complaining about this to Layla, we spied a family of four pedalling along in a crocodile quadricycle. It was like a hybrid bicycle/golf buggy, with a crocodile awning on top. We found “The Enormous Crocodile Company” on Oriental Parade, and within five minutes, Layla and I were off.

Much giggling/almost crashing into innocent bystanders/getting stuck trying to pedal up a ramp ensued. Layla was steering for the first half of our little sojourn, and whilst I enjoyed pedalling along beside her, I quickly realised that the split in my skirt wasn’t at all conducive to such an activity.

When we turned to head for home, Layla offered me the wheel. I probably took years off the lives of multiple tourists. At one point I think Layla was leaning over and holding my skirt shut for me, I was steering us straight into the Harbour and both of us were laughing so hard our stomachs were cramping. I even heard an elderly lady say to her companion, “That girl is driving that crocodile in her heels!”, as we flew past. Such a silly little activity, and it absolutely made my trip.

I hope that you have all had a wonderful week.

Heidi xx

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  1. Sophie Kendall

    I adore this outfit!


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