50 Shades Of Brown

This week has been freezing. I’m talking “count-to-three-and-then-whip-the-covers-off-and-make-a-run-for-it” freezing. I’m talking walking-around-the-house-looking-like-I-have-a-weirdly-shaped-baby-belly-because-I-have-two-wheat-packs-under-my-sweater freezing. You can imagine my struggle when it got to Sunday and instead of being “freezing” it was “chilly in the morning, likely to get too warm in the middle of the day for full sleeves but Arctic again as the sun went down”.







Sweater- French Connection- similar here, Skirt- Zara- similar here, Boots- Wittner- similar here, Belt- Alannah Hill- similar here, Clutch- Forever New- similar here, Earrings- Satya Jewellery- similar here

I tried to go for warm pieces with shorter sleeves and a skirt so that I wouldn’t boil in the middle of the day. At this juncture I should probably mention that when I’m out and about, I am the only person dressed like this. On the odd occasion I’ll spy a pair of jeans, but almost everyone around me is still in shorts and t-shirts! I have tried on many occasions to go against my better judgement and blend in with everyone else, and I can’t do it. It’s not worth the stares I receive when I hobble down the refrigerated aisle of the grocery store looking like my knees have been super-glued together because I basically can’t stand to expose more skin to sub-zero temperatures that no one else seems to feel. And it’s definitely not worth the state of my clothes after I sit down to have lunch with someone, but end up vibrating so violently with chills that I can’t hold my cutlery steady and my food takes a flying leap off my fork and into my lap.

It was only after Chelsey and I had taken these photos that I realised my colour palette for the day was every variation of the colour brown. What pleased me the most was that by 6pm, I was still every shade of brown and not a mild shade of blue.

Heidi xx

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  1. Your mathicng of various shades of brown is so great!
    Looks so chic and elegant, but comfy and casual at the same time.
    Absolutely fabulous!


    My Blog


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