Russian Doll

I bought this skirt when I was about 16. I still remember the shopping trip because a school friend of mine had come down for a holiday on the Gold Coast. We had met up and gone shopping, and I remember we bought matching skirts. Probably, thinking back on my goofy teenage ways, we bought matching outfits.








Skirt, Forever New (similar here); Shirt, Topshop (similar here); Stockings (similar here); Shoes, Wittner (similar here); Bag, Zara; Earrings, Mimco (similar here)

The embroidery reminds me of Russian Matryoshka dolls (most commonly though incorrectly referred to as Babushka dolls). I have always loved the rich rainbow of colours in the skirt, but I must say I’m thrilled that it still fits me! It has actually been years since I’ve pulled it out to wear, and I’m glad that I had the foresight not to put it in an OP shop bin during one of my wardrobe clean-outs.

Heidi xx

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