Pretty In Pink

I have recently been to Sydney with some student’s for a ballet competition. In past years I have spent the entire time either in the hotel or at the competition venue, and jeans and a sweater have been ample insulation from the Sydney chill.





Coat, Forever New (similar here), Blouse, Zara (similar here), Jeans, Zara (similar here), Boots, Nine West, Clutch, Forever New (similar here), Earrings, Satya Jewellery (similar here), Rings, Spinning Jewellery

How was I to know, that in the four days I was in Sydney this year, they would be suffering from an unprecedented cold snap. Also, one morning, we had a girl with an 8am start at the Eisteddfod, which meant traipsing down the road in the pitch dark at 6am to get ready. For anyone who didn’t do ballet lessons when they were younger, a day in the dance industry is quite an education.


four outfits tuesday 149

four outfits tuesday 158

four outfits tuesday 162


The only day I was truly warm whilst hoofing it between venues was when I had this Forever New coat on. It’s not the most versatile colour, but it’s just so pretty.

Heidi xx

1 Comment

  1. natcrys

    Love the jeans and high heeled boots look! 🙂

    And the pink coat looks great with this look! 🙂

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram


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