Old Hollywood Glamour

You know what often happens to me? I go around shopping in the shops I always shop in, and I pretty much know every single item in the current collection by heart, and I think that if there’s anything currently in that shop that I’d like to own, I already own it. Then all of a sudden I’ll go back to that shop and look through a rack I have previously ignored, or look for a particular coloured item, and all of a sudden I’ll find something that I had previously overlooked. Sometimes it’s these items that slowly grow on me that end up being my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.



four outfits tuesday 300

four outfits tuesday 316

four outfits tuesday 317


Dress, Alannah Hill (similar here); Shoes, Forever New; Clutch, Mimco; Earrings, Mimco; Hair clip, Mimco (similar here); Belt, Forever New; Bangles, Mimco

This dress belongs in this category. I had been looking online one evening for a dress for a special occasion. I have no idea why, but this dress really jumped out at me, even though I had previously passed over it many times.



four outfits tuesday 321

four outfits tuesday 322


I had so much fun putting this outfit together because I thought that whilst the dress was elegant and the silver lace made it unusual and special, it had a touch of 1920’s glamour to it.

If I could go back in time to any decade to study the culture and fashion, it would definitely be the 1920’s. The costumes for Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” had me salivating. I don’t think I’ve quite reached that level of decadence with this outfit, but that’s ok, I’m working up to it.

Heidi xx

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  1. retrocasual

    Very elegant


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