Going To The Chapel

Who doesn’t love a wedding? They are the epitome of everything that’s right with the world: love, warmth, friendship, compromise and joy. At 24, my friends have slowly started to find their special someone, and I find myself having been to more weddings in the past two years than in all the years that came before.




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Top, Alannah Hill, Skirt, Backstage The Label, Shoes, Pink Inc.,(similar here), Threads, By Charlotte, Earring cuff, By Charlotte, Earing stud, By Charlotte

Whenever I leave the reception, I feel like I have hit a 10 on the bliss-o-meter. I feel as though someone has taken liquid chocolate and filled me until I was so full I almost burst. I can’t even remember what negativity is, and I could genuinely dance all the way home (and that’s saying something considering the kinds of shoes I’m normally wearing to such events).

So what does one wear to a wedding? When I attended my first one people were bombarding me with advice:  don’t wear black, don’t wear white, not too tight, not too bright- which basically translates to “wear a pastel sack”.

I decided to refer to Google, and below are the best guidelines I have found when it comes to dress code.

1. There should only be one white dress in the room, and unless you’re the bride it is not yours.

2. You are at a wedding, not a nightclub therefore keep it to one “sexy” element if you’re so inclined. These include: plunging necklines, backless dresses, short hemlines, cut-outs, body con fits. And cleavage is a no-no, full stop.

3. Better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. See rule number 5 for more details.

4. Can you wear black to a wedding? Besides the fact that Victoria Beckham wore black to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s nuptials, everything I found online says that these days, yes. The below paragraph from an article on stylecaster.com sums it up best:

The goal (of a wedding guest) is to look sleek and appropriate, not over-the-top or high-drama. Black is always a safe option. It’s good for cocktail attire, black tie or even a mid-afternoon garden soiree. Black reads festive and fancy, without an outward cry to ‘have all eyes on me.’ Plus, there’s no chance anyone will mistake you for the lady saying her vows. A simple black slip dress or chic jumpsuit can be dressed up or down depending on your choice of shoes, earrings and clutch.”

5. What does the dress code even mean?

  • Casual: a skirt or dressy pants with a pretty top, or casual dress (think un-embellished, relaxed fit). Jeans, shorts and singlets are still a big faux pas.
  • Smart Casual: I find this the hardest dress-code because the title itself is a complete contradiction. I read somewhere that if you dress the same way, you should be fine eg. Satins or silks in a casual style.
  • Semi-formal: Cocktail length dresses in a richer colour with a bit of embellishment would be perfect for this.
  • Formal: An elegant cocktail dress or full length dress. You can use accessories to make your outfit dress-code perfect.
  • Black tie: To be truly correct, a full length dress is standard for this occasion.

I hope I have passed on some valuable insight about dressing appropriately for a wedding.

Heidi xx

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  1. Very nice skirts. You look very beauty ;-).


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