My Favourite Colour

My favourite colour changes all the time. As I go about my day, I see the clear turquoise of shallow ocean water, the rusted red of berry flavoured tea, the colour of a ripe peach that paints the sky as the sun sets in the afternoon, and I like every colour I see more than the last, making it impossible to choose one as my favourite.



dumplings 395





Coat, Alannah Hill (similar here), Shoes, Alannah Hill (similar here), Shirt, Zara (similar here), Bag, Forever New (similar here), Earrings, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rings, Spinning Jewellery

The colour I seem to most often settle on though, or gravitate towards if I have an option, is yellow. Yellow is the colour of sunflowers, happy faces, sunshine, daffodils, lemons, rubber duckies, corn, canaries, Minions and bumble bees. It’s such an optimistic colour, in any shade.




dumplings 400



I had work on Sunday morning, and on my way home to get changed to go to lunch, I stopped at my favourite flower shop to pick up something just for me. When I had changed and was heading out, I realised that I had unintentionally dressed to match my flowers! It seems white and yellow were the colours of the day.

Heidi xx

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  1. I always gravitate towards red and yellow. My favourites


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