A Day At The Farm

Up until now, The Professional Cinderella has been a fashion blog. Whilst I don’t write exclusively about the clothes I’m wearing, the blog has revolved around outfits and the experiences I have in them. Yesterday I had the most amazing day, and so I thought I would take a detour from my normal M.O. and share my adventure with you from a different perspective.




My friend/little sister Shizzy has been home from San Francisco for the second time in three months. I must confess to being slightly envious of Americans and their enormously long summer break. Shizzy’s school year finished at the beginning of June, and she came home for four weeks then, returned to San Francisco for a month of Summer School’s, and then came back to Australia for another four week break. On closer inspection, I think I’d be totally bored and sick of myself after a month away from ballet, so it’s just as well I live in Australia!



Anyway, Shizzy had been tied up seeing her extended family, most of who live internationally, and I had yet to see her on this most recent trip home. She flew back to San Francisco this morning, and knowing that yesterday would be her last day in Australia and my only opportunity to see her, I wanted to do something memorable, special and different.




After a little bit of Instagram stalking and Google-ing, I stumbled across The Farm Byron Bay. It’s a little slice of rustic paradise nestled in the heart of the charming Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. A principally working farm that is home to a collection of micro-businesses all sharing in a common goal, The Farm boasts all the flora and fauna one could hope to see at such a place while exuding an atmosphere that I can only liken to the feeling of being hugged by a beloved grandparent- contentment, happiness and tranquillity.



As Shizzy and I walked around we came across a flower shop (Heidi heaven), a paddock that housed about six English Large Black pigs wallowing in a mud bath, a small herd of Scottish Highlander cattle that I was seriously tempted to try to take home and keep as pets and another paddock with around 300 chickens roaming freely between their A-frame chicken house and the lawn. Sign posts told us that if we were to continue a little further down the gravel road we would come to a macadamia orchard. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing the orchard and the only reason I wanted to go was because I thought at the bottom of the orchard, we would probably get a better look at the cows.




Imagine my delight when we turned the corner and found the most beautiful Flower Arch made by Flowers at the Farm sitting at the edge of the orchard. It had obviously been set up for a wedding or some sort of event and I was totally smitten. The best part was the every flower was real, and the scent they were giving off was just divine.


Past the macadamia orchard we came to paddocks of flowers that were a little too set back from the fence to properly appreciate and some extensive looking vegetable patches. We finished our tour at the main building, which houses The Produce Store, The Bread Social and the Three Blue Ducks restaurant, where we had lunch. Three Blue Ducks (isn’t that the most fantastic name for a restaurant?) sources as much as possible from The Farm, and then venture further afield to find produce that is organic, spray free and sustainably farmed. We had fresh sourdough bread with churned butter, roasted chat potatoes in their jackets and crispy-skinned snapper with a cauliflower and fennel salad all washed down with lemon myrtle and hibiscus iced-tea.

Tired little adventurers, we headed back north. I felt a million miles away from my every-day life at The Farm and this made me feel as though I had had several days off and not just one. It was incredibly beautiful and I’m lucky to have been able to spend it with such a special person. Bon Voyage Shizzy, I love you lots and I’ll be seeing you soon.

Heidi xx

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