La Roseraie

“La Roseraie” is French for “The Rose Garden”, which is where I was yesterday. It was an incredibly special day for me, and something that was on my own personal bucket-list. I can honestly say that yesterday goes down in history as one of my top five favourite days ever.

picnic 028

picnic 027

picnic 109


picnic 065

We started out our day at Fortnum and Mason– grocer to the Queen. I have to admit I was a little awed at the quality of produce. Sophie, Adeline and I were particularly taken with the selection of hand crafted chocolates and nougat (my personal favourite). We bought ourselves a hamper filled with goodies, and set out for Regent’s Park. London has been good to us so far, and the weather has been idyllic. It gives us the perfect opportunity to stroll along and see as much on foot as we possibly can.


picnic 063

picnic 031

I was blown away as soon as we got to Queen Mary’s Garden. It has London’s largest collection of roses with approximately 12, 000 bushes and 400 different rose varieties! The air was so heavily perfumed, and no wonder, for as far as I could see in any direction there were hundreds upon hundreds of flower beds of roses. They were the most exquisite colours and with names such as “Golden Oldie”, “Can-Can”, and “Pretty Polly”, I was wishing that such a place existed in Australia.


picnic 088

picnic 047

We set up our picnic in the shade of a flower bed of tall white roses. When we finished eating we walked around the Gardens to fully appreciate their beauty, and came across a lake with row boats for hire. Of course I was very enthusiastic. Can’t you just visualise the romance of it all? A rowboat on a quiet lake, smoothly gliding through the water, with a Disney Princess-worthy soundtrack playing the back ground?



Dress, Alannah Hill (similar here),Shoes, Zara (similar here), Picnic, Fortnum and Mason

The reality was a little different. It took about 10 minutes for us to actually figure out how to co-ordinate the oars, by which time we’d managed to bump into almost every other boat on the lake. I’m just praying my arms are still functioning today! It was definitely worth it though.

Heidi xx

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  1. Cute photos 🙂
    Maria V.


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