Welcome Summer

I am absolutely thrilled to say that summer is coming. The past two weeks have been the stuff my dreams are made of: no coats or jackets, colours coming back in to shops everywhere, and the ability to eat ice-cream without making myself ridiculously uncomfortable afterwards- I even went to the movies the other day without looking like I was on a ski trip.






I wore this outfit a few weekends ago on Chelsey’s 21st birthday. My parents had come down from Far North Queensland to celebrate her special day and we were spending it as a family which is a rare treat.

I try to phone my parents at least once a week to catch up with them and let them know what I’ve been up to, and I had told them all about the day I spent with Shizzy at The Farm in Byron Bay. They decided they would like to see it, so off we went.

It was a perfect day, and being at The Farm was as scenic and relaxing as it the last time I was there. My problems all started when my parents decided they would quite like to see Killen Falls. See the shoes I’m wearing? Not exactly what one should wear to scramble down a substantial hill, through thick bush and over rocks on what could basically be considered a wallaby track.

I’d like to think that I have tougher feet than the average person. After all, I’ve done four years of full-time ballet training which included endless hours in pointe shoes, not to mention tarkett (ballet floor) burn, so I thought my best bet was to go bare foot. Considering I was the only person who had been to Killen Falls I was leading our little party and therefore felt pressure to maintain a certain pace. By the time we got to the falls, I had stubbed my toe more times than I care to remember, narrowly avoided stepping on a Bull Ant nest and been treated to a sort of natural acupuncture from the sticks I was stepping on. Life lesson #6,2736,382- keep a pair of sneakers in the car.





Skirt, Zara (similar here), Shirt, Zara (similar here), Shoes, Wittner (similar here), Hat, Seed Heritage, Bag, Forever New (similar here), Earrings, Karen Walker

Killen Falls is well worth the trip if you are in the Northern Rivers region- just make sure you have a decent pair of shoes. The rock behind the waterfall is eroded enough that you can actually get right behind the falls (as long as you don’t mind getting damp from the mist coming off them) and there are several little caves around the edge of the basin. The pool itself is deep enough for swimming, and there’s enough flat land opposite the falls that if you could be bothered to take a picnic you could have it comfortably.

Next time I will go back equipped to spend a whole day there. I think you could venture down into that little haven and feel like you’d been away from the world for days rather than a few hours.

Heidi xx

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