A Few Of My Favourite Things

I’m not afraid of hard work, and when I’m teaching ballet Monday-Saturday I live and breathe it. But when Sunday rolls around, I jump at the chance to go places and do things I love with my friends. I think I’d go crazy without that.





Horse Riding 068


This past Sunday Molly and I headed to Mount Tamborine, which is one of my favourite places. We had plans to go horse riding, NOT one of my favourite things, but considering Chelsey spent her weekends at Pony Club growing up and we owned several horses, I’ve always thought that there’s something wonderful about their smell (I’m not looking to start a fragrance line of Odeur de Cheval or anything by the way). It just smells like home.

My sit bones started killing me before we’d even made it to the trail, but luckily I had the distraction of Molly who kept a one-sided conversation with her horse up the entire hour. I also had an entertaining discussion with the leader of our ride who was quick to tell me (and honestly if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this) that she too did ballet when she was three years old.




Horse Riding 051

Horse Riding 066

Horse Riding 065

By the time we were done I was famished, so we headed to the Mount Tamborine Botanical Gardens for another one of my favourite things to do: picnic. I swear I speak on behalf of most dancers when I say that the floor is simply the most comfortable place to sit and this makes picnics perfect, plus we had chocolate coated strawberries and a cheese board which I almost inhaled I was so hungry. We were joined half-way through by an over-friendly bush turkey with a penchant for green grapes and cashew nuts.

When rain threatened we packed up and headed home for a cliché girl’s sleepover involving lots of pizza and a ridiculously cheesy romance movie. Suffice it to say that I was missing my Sunday by 8am on Monday morning, and I can’t wait for tomorrow.





Horse Riding 057

Horse Riding 093

Dress, Zara, Hat, Mimco, Shoes, Zara (similar here), Bag, Mimco, Earrings, Forever New, Rings, Spinning Jewellery

Heidi xx

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