Acting Out

As anyone who knows me personally will tell you, I am the epitome of a goody-two-shoes. I don’t even have to try, it’s just my natural tendency to run the other way when I see trouble, combined with this weird innate need to do the right thing by and please other people.



biker 195

It seeps into every facet of my personality. I don’t drink or smoke, I try not to go overboard with make-up, I’m almost never late, I never got less than an A in school and I distinctly remember crying when my friend told me I’d said a swear word in Grade 3 (in actual fact I’d called someone a “mongrel” after watching 101 Dalmations, so still not very nice). I never fight with my friends- in fact I avoid confrontation at all costs and I dress conservatively. Just check my archives to see the full array of pastel colours, modest hem lengths and demure necklines.




Make no mistake, as hard as I try to do the right thing, I stuff up probably more than I get things right, but I’ll never stop trying because this is just the sort of person I am. Someone even asked me the other day if I was a Mormon, which made me laugh. I’m just a goody-two-shoes.

Now I know this is going to sound incredibly stupid, but whenever I put on my knee-high boots, I feel just a little bit rebellious. Sad but true. And honestly I think my Mum is probably very grateful that a bit of black does for me what pink hair and tattoos do for other people.




When Molly and I went to dinner last week I got right into dressing up. By the time I’d put on the boots, hoop earrings and a little bit of black leather, I was probably feeling the most rebellious that I’ve felt since I cut my hair to a pixie-crop when I was 19.

So there you have it. I’ll never be one to jump on the back of a motorbike, and don’t expect a nose piercing in this lifetime. This is how Heidi Landford takes a walk on the wild side. 😜



biker 197

Top, Forever New (similar here), Jeans, Forever New (similar here), Boots, Forever New (similar here), Clutch, David Jones (similar here), Earrings, Mimco, Choker, Mimco, Bangles, Mimco, Mimco and Gerogini

Heidi xx


  1. And you look unbelievably amazing on the wild side, as per usual, Heidi! missing you xxx


  2. Adeline

    I love this post! Haha
    I would wear this but I add the pink hair and tattoos 😝
    You little rebel heidle πŸ’–πŸ’–


    1. Can you please stop reading my blog and just bring me food before I pass out from hunger pains?!? πŸ’—πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’—πŸ™πŸΌ


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