I feel like such aย dinosaur saying this, but I’m often talking to my students and I can’t understand half of what’s coming out of their mouths. It’s not a case of verbal diarrhoea or mumbled words, but quite simply that they litter their sentences with words and phrases that I am completely unfamiliar with. It’s the English language of 2015, which is something entirely different to what I was taught at school.


biker 007


biker 026



biker 037

I’m getting better though, and in the interest of clearing up a few things and sharing my new-found knowledge, I’ve compiled a small list of the ones I hear most often to help you out:

  • “So tumblr”- we all know that Tumblr is a social media platform, but apparently “tumblr” is also a legitimate describing word. According to my students, this word can be used to describe any slightly abstract concept, in fact it can really be used to describe anything at all. Under the “tumblr” umbrella fall all things black and white, moody, whimsical, emotional, cute couple pictures, random objects, outfits, well presented food, anything with a vintage vibe or a scene that has photographic potential. It’s all tumblr. The other day George whipped out his phone and said, “Oh my God Miss Heidi, that stop sign is soooo tumblr”! Enough said.

  • “On Fleek”- a way to compliment someone else, or yourself. It means that something is perfectly executed or looks good, but from what I can see, this phrase is most commonly used when referring to one’s eyebrows. For example, “Damn girl, eyebrows on Fleek!”

  • Bae- this one drives me mental. Apparently it’s an acronym for “Before Anyone Else”, but in all honesty it seems like people can’t be bothered putting the “B” in babe to me. I’m all for nick names, but I don’t use pet names because I think they’re lazy and impersonal. If I ever do use a name like this, I’ll be honest, it’s in a condescending or sarcastic manner.

  • Slay- succeeded, killed it, crushed it.

  • Squad- your posse.


biker 030


biker 020


biker 035


I’ve never been much of a “squad” person. Although I definitely prefer someone else’s company to being alone, I usually hang out with one friend at a time. The main reason for this is that I met most of my friends through different circumstances and most of them don’t really know each other, but also I feel like my time is best spent when I can focus my energies on one person and not get lost in a whole group.

Last weekend, Chelsey, her boyfriend Jack, her best friend Micah and I ventured down to Mount Warning in northern New South Wales for lunch at “Mavis’s Kitchen”. If you ever have time at the weekend, make the effort to go. It’s a scenic trip and with good company in tow, makes for a really pleasant day.


biker 024

biker 015


biker 139


Jumpsuit, Country Road, Shoes, Forever New, Bag, Ri2k (similar here), Necklace, Tiffany & Co., Earrings, Tiffany & Co., Bracelet, Tiffany & Co., White Bangle, Mimco, Blue Bangle, Georgini, Rings, Spinning Jewellery and The Silver Shop (similar here)

Our group was like a bag of Liquorice-All-Sorts: Micah, who I swear is a male version of myself 90% of the time minus the ballet, Chelsey, my polar opposite, Jack, the film student/ person who is currently stopping my sister from starving… and me. We all have different interests, varying backgrounds and our personalities cover a broad spectrum.

I’m not saying that the four of us are going to inspire #friendshipgoals all over the Internet, and we definitely have nothing on Taylor Swift and her girl group, but for that little outing I felt like I was a part of what has since high school, been an elusive concept for me: Squad. And not just a squad, a squad on fleek having a lunch that was, if I say so myself, so tumblr.

Heidi xx

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  1. Delicate as a flower!


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