Shirt Of The Moment

This time last week I was writing a post about all the essentials that I thought every woman should have in her wardrobe. Personally, the number one thing on my list is a white shirt.



brisbane 161

brisbane 159

They look clean, chic and modern, and you can wear them with so many things. Plus a little bit of detailing, a collar or the shirt length can change a white shirt from looking anything between sweet and feminine to sharp and sophisticated.

My wardrobe has definitely exceeded its quota of white shirts. The first one I ever bought was for a Christmas dress-up party, to which I was going as Santa (and honestly the photos from this party are probably the sole reason I don’t do dress-ups any more). When the party was over I threw out the fake glasses, bow tie and red suspenders, but the white shirt remained. It’s cotton, loose fitting and extremely comfortable, with a simple button up front and the perfect length hem. It was the first and my favourite, until I stumbled upon one in Seed Heritage a few weeks ago.



brisbane 163


Shirt, Seed Heritage, Jeans, Calvin Klein (similar here), Shoes, Forever New, Necklace, Anthropologie (similar here), Pouch, Oroton (similar here), Earrings, Forever New

This shirt was love at first sight, still classic but with a bit of a twist to keep things interesting, and I knew it had just blown my current white-shirt-hierarchy to smithereens. So I took a photo of it and left it in my camera roll, intending to go in to Seed Heritage the first chance I got to pick it up.

I never made it to the store, because a week later one of my beloved students, who had seen the photo on my phone, came in with it as a thank you present.

This shirt is not only my current white-shirt-number-one, it’s actually my favourite thing in my wardrobe, because it’s got a lot of love attached to it, and every time I put it on, it makes me smile.

Heidi xx

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