Mad As A Hatter

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day filled with food, merriment, presents and more importantly time out with your loved ones.





yungaburra 063


Christmas is one of the best times of the year for me as it means total relaxation, and a solid two weeks at home with my parents and Chelsey. Don’t get me wrong, we’re as crazy as any “normal” family. There have been arguments and head-shaking, exasperated sighs (from Dad, aplenty) and tempers have frayed, patiences stretched.

But at the end of the day they are my favourite people and I’m so lucky I’ve had the opportunity to come home and be with them. Last year my parents flew down to visit us over Christmas. It was the first time we’d had the celebration away from home and I so coming back, after two years, I’m finding interesting little changes all over the place.

One of the most pleasant mornings we’ve had was when Mum, Chelsey and I ventured out to the small town of Yungaburra for morning tea. It’s a sleepy little hollow, but so pretty. The streets are lined with enough hanging baskets of flowers to give London a run for its money (maybe a slight exaggeration considering Yungaburra’s size) and the buildings all have a wealth of character to their architecture.




yungaburra 064



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We actually lived in Yungaburra for almost ten years when I was growing up. There was a cafe on the corner of the Main Street that Mum always promised us a treat at if we got a good report card at the end of each term. I would order the two most chocolate-laden and rich items on the menu, and proceed to make myself feel totally ill by trying to demolish it all.

Obviously nothing has changed, because when we went to another little cafe, which has opened since my last trip to Yungaburra, I did exactly the same thing. It was called The Mad-Hatter’s Tea House, housed in the most charming little building with an abundance of Bougainvillea growing over the awning.

There were hats on the back of every chair in the shop, obviously to get patrons in the spirit, though none of us put them on. I could have been dining in a hovel and been just as happy, considering the company I was keeping.

Heidi xx

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