A New Chapter

There’s something special about New Year’s isn’t there? I don’t know what it is- I mean at the end of the day the clock keeps on ticking over, and physically we are exactly the same from one second to the next.






Mentally though, we all like to believe that those few seconds could be pivotal for us. We all make resolutions to be healthier, do less of this, and more of that and basically become a better version of ourselves. This year I decided that my New Year’s resolution will be to have no resolutions come December 31st.

Through 2016 I am going push my personal limits so that I can look back on the last twelve months and not wish for things to be different. When I’m tired and it’s difficult to go the extra mile, I’m going to make myself do it, when roadblocks crop up that I’d really just rather run in the opposite direction from, and I’m rather good at that, I’m going to try to climb over them (says me from my vegged out position on my bed). I want to be more present when I’m with my friends, I want to see more of my family, I want to organise my life so that there is time to be run-off-my-feet-busy, and time set aside to smell the roses.





I don’t want to become a completely new person. This is about a realistic resolution and not an empty promise to myself. I feel that if I can be bothered to make little tweaks in my day-to-day life, I might get my desired result.

To my mind, it’s as simple as this: a very wise woman once told me that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, if you persevere for 21 days straight. So I figure that if I can make it to the 21st of January, then maybe I can make it to the end of 2016, and if this is something I can ingrain into myself over the course of a year, then it’s possible that it could become a life-long habit. I think we all like the idea of looking back and having no regrets. I’ll let you know how I go with that.

So I started 2016 with a very special dress. It’s special because it was my mother’s. She gave it to me as I was packing my suitcase on my last day at home. Apparently she had it made before I was born, but never got to wear it. Black lace is always classic, and the long sleeves and high collar add elegance that really appeals to me.




new years eve 036

Dress (similar here) (similar here) (similar here), Clutch, Mimco, Shoes, Topshop, Earrings, Mimco, Ring, Mimco

I decided to pair it with black accessories, but as it was New Year’s when fireworks, sparklers and everything glittery abounds, I couldn’t resist choosing a clutch with a bit of sparkle, and some purple lipstick just to keep things interesting.

Heidi xx


  1. I totally agree with no resolutions, I think it’s easy to forget by the end of January! But yearly goals means you’ll always have something to push for! You look insanely beautiful in this dress, I love a good heirloom piece and this is amazing. Super regal ❀️
    Christy x


  2. natcrys

    Wow.. that is a gorgeous dress and that fact that your mother made and gave it to you.. makes it so much more special! You look amazing in it! πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the effort to change it up! I never of that 21 days rule before. I might give it a try as well. Doing something for 3 weeks seems reasonable and manageable! πŸ™‚

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram


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