Lounge Pants and Necklines

I am having a love affair. Two, in fact. I get all excited every time I see them, and start thinking about the endless things I could do with them. And by “do” I mean “style”. Because my love affair is with wide-legged pants and fancy necklines. It’s a fairly recent thing, but even at this early stage, I think I’m confident enough to say that these budding relationships will last the distance.






Loose-fitting, wide-legged pants are my new favourite thing. Not only are they super comfortable, but I don’t know a single person that they wouldn’t look flattering on. These ones are a particular favourite of mine, because the vertical stripes give the illusion of added leg length (and in my case it’s desperately needed) plus they are actually high waited which makes them a little more versatile. I also love that this style of pant is generally made in a soft semi-floaty fabric that moves nicely.






Pants, Cue, Top, Cue (similar here), Shoes, Topshop, Clutch, Seed Heritage, Necklace, Silver Girl (similar here), Earrings, Forever New, Studs, Forever New, Watch, Citizen (similar here), Bangles, Georgini, Mimco

I’m also crushing on necklines in a huge way at the moment. Peter Pan collars, off-the-shoulder, high neck, square, portrait, cowl or asymmetric cuts. I’m a big fan of them all and the way they can flatter and accentuate different things. At the moment I’m completely obsessed with the very pronounced portrait-style neckline on this top. It draws attention to the collar bones, which, with their delicate structure are one of my favourite parts of the body, and does wonderful things for the upper arm that no sleeveless piece will ever achieve.

Heidi xx

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