New Lengths

I had the most wonderful dinner the other night. Adeline and I had decided to eat out in celebration of a wonderful first week back at work, and in typical Heidi fashion, I’d gotten a little carried away when getting dressed and ended up going a bit past the “casual-dinner-with-your-practically-little-sister” mark.






This is nothing new for me. I love living on the Coast for all the obvious reasons- beautiful weather, the beach, the atmosphere, but the one thing I can’t get past is that everyone is so casual, ALL THE TIME.

You’ll be out having a meal at what you consider to be a better-than-average restaurant, and sure enough, someone at the table next door will be in flips flops and a singlet. Of course I’m usually sitting there in something appropriate to wear to a wedding. I’ve learnt to just go with it, because quite frankly, I’m not about to stop dressing the way I like, and I know that no one else is either!






Dress, Hi There by Karen Walker (similar here), Shoes, Forever New (similar here), Clutch, Mimco (similar here), Earrings, Amber Sceats (similar here), Bangles, Mimco and Mimco

When I went out with Adeline, I was pleasantly surprised to note that everyone in the restaurant was dressed up. I was wearing this Hi There by Karen Walker dress that I had picked up on sale the night before, and because of the atmosphere in the restaurant, the standard of service by the staff and dress by the patrons, it felt like a really special night out. I loved the print, the silhouette and once I tried it on I loved the unusual length.

Maxi dresses are always just that little bit long for me, and I’ve got that many midi-length skirts in my wardrobe I could start my own shop up, but this length was ladylike and unique. I love that just the ankles and shoes can be seen from underneath.

Heidi xx


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