Cold Shoulders and Flares

Has anyone seen that video that was circulating Facebook a while ago? The one about active-wear? If you were lucky enough to miss it, I’ll quickly re-cap. It was a bunch of women wearing their gym clothes in every scenario apart from at the gym: shopping, coffee with friends,movies, the list goes on for a solid two minutes. The only thing is, for six days a week, this is my life to a T.






I decided to name this blog “The Professional Cinderella” because I thought it aptly described my life. When I am working I need to be 100% committed to my job as a ballet teacher, which means getting down on the floor, demonstrating steps, pushing stinky feet into correct positions and running around the room after my students. I learnt a long time ago that being comfortable and wearing stretchy clothes was the only way to get to Sunday with my sanity intact. I get to dress up like a member of polite society on Sundays, but come midnight, it’s back to my lycra tights.

My friends know that if they want to do something with me during the week after work, I will be showing up in my active-wear.






Top, Camilla and Marc, Jeans, Forever New, Shoes, Zara (similar here), Bag, Zara (similar here), Choker, Samantha Wills, Earrings, Forever New and Forever New, Ring, Samantha Wills, Bracelets, Mimco and Mimco

That’s why when I do get the chance to dress up and go out with my friends, I really enjoy myself. Last Saturday night, Adeline and I decided to go to dinner at our new favourite haunt, Cicchetti.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear my new Camilla and Marc top (not least of all because I could eat as much as I wanted and it wouldn’t show). Flared sleeves and pant legs are storming the racks in every clothing shop I walk into at the moment, but in fairy floss pink with an off-the-shoulder neckline? These are the best flares I’ve stumbled across.

Heidi xx

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