Monthly Archives: April 2016

The Places You’ll Go, The People You’ll Meet

I remember back to the first time I went overseas at 14. I diligently kept a travel journal with all my ticket butts, brochures and postcards. In a lot of ways I feel like writing about my time in New York on here is exactly the same thing, but it’s making me feel a little…

Flowers of New York

Hello everyone! I am writing this post from my friend’s loft apartment on the Upper West Side of… NEW YORK! This is my first trip to America- as per usual, for a ballet competition, and my excitement levels in the lead up to getting on the plane here were akin to my seven-year-old self on…

Just Add More

I love playing with colour, but sometimes I just have those days where I think adding another colour to the palette won’t work. Looking for something on the opposite side of the spectrum clashes, and even something tonal draws attention away from the pieces you are trying to highlight.