Flowers of New York

Hello everyone! I am writing this post from my friend’s loft apartment on the Upper West Side of… NEW YORK! This is my first trip to America- as per usual, for a ballet competition, and my excitement levels in the lead up to getting on the plane here were akin to my seven-year-old self on Christmas morning.

day 1 ny 009

day 1 ny 067


day 1 ny 006

day 1 ny 003

2 flights, 21 hours, some terrible plane food and a headache later, and I wasn’t feeling so enthusiastic about New York. I had five hours of sleep, and then started my day by meeting my students on Broadway for a class to prepare them for their competition. I was too scared to take the Subway, and so made the ridiculously optimistic decision to walk the 60 blocks between the apartment and the dance studio.

The best part about this was that I got to see a bit of the city whilst it was still waking up. If London is the city of hanging flower baskets, New York is the capital for potted tulips. Considering tulips are my favourite flower, and have been since my parents took me to a tulip farm in Tasmania at the age of 6, I was completely charmed and utterly delighted. The riotous colours exploding in little bursts all along the sidewalk are a happy relief from the concrete jungle which, at that hour of the morning when it is still between slumber and wakefulness, can’t hide its slightly shabby, dishevelled state that is so well masked by the abundance of energy that flows through its streets like blood through veins at every other time.

day 1 ny 008


day 1 ny 085


day 1 ny 005

In the afternoon I ventured into Central Park with my friend Gabby playing tour guide. We ended up all over the city: from Little Italy and Soho to the Upper East Side and Central Park, I feel like I have crammed 5 days into 1.

Honourable mentions go to the Two Hands Cafรฉ in Nolita for their acai bowls (a long overdue lunch by 3pm), the row boating in Central Park which more closely resembled a Dodge ’em Car arena, and the New York subway which I bravely caught with friends in the afternoon. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that to survive the subway you need to have skills that border on those of a professional wrestling champion, and a large chunk of my hair got stuck in the doors. Until it stopped at it’s next station, I was held completely immobile between two people that needed an education on the proper application of deodorant and the carriage door.

At least it wasn’t boring!

Heidi xx

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