Unique As We Are

Someone said to me the other day, “My personality is a mass of contradictions.” Well, actually, most people’s are. As the years wear on, it seems everyone is shunning convention and stereotyping in a bid to express who they truly are, and why not? Because we are all different, individual, unique and unprecedented, and that’s something to be celebrated.






My best friend was a ballerina in the world’s leading ballet company and has an affinity for hard-core rap music, my dentist has tattoos that I’ve spied peeking out from her coat sleeve and one of my student’s mothers who is now a librarian has regaled me with tales of how she left home and lived on an island with her then-boyfriend at 16. My point is that no one is predictable, no one can be pigeon-holed and we are all made up of these oddly shaped puzzle pieces that make perfect sense once put together.

There is nothing to represent this individuality better than PANDORA. For every facet of our personalities, there’s a piece of jewellery to represent it, and those pieces all fit together to make completely individual combinations. Do you fancy yourself a Dreamer? Bohemian? Classic? Practical? Fun? An old soul? Young at heart? Adventurous? The release of PANDORA’s beautiful Poetic Blooms collection brings a myriad of floral, elegant silver, stylish gold and classic pearl designs as well as the droplet rings with their sleek pops of colour- there’s something that resonates with everyone.






When I was first given the chance to play with this collection, I was putting similar pieces together: the droplet rings in stacks, silver combinations, florals with florals and entirely gold ensembles. It was only after packing some of the rings in their incorrect boxes one night that I realised a much better way to show who I really was would be to mix them all up. So I added the smooth aesthetic of the droplet rings to the timeless sophistication of the gold pieces. I ended up with the elegant pearl charms on girlish pink leather and interspersing the floral pieces with glittering silver.

I felt like I was creating something more unique, something more ME. I am a ballet teacher, a fashion blogger, a sister, a daughter, a niece and a friend, a high-tea addict and a total klutz. I like my clothes to be brightly coloured and my movies in black and white. I make amazing creme brûlée and have a special talent for climbing trees. I’m a homebody and a travel enthusiast, an ambitious mentor and an eager student. These are just a few of the elements that make me who I am, and PANDORA gives me the chance to show them all off at the same time.

Thank you, PANDORA, for understanding that each woman is unique as they are and for giving us the means to express it so superbly.

Heidi xx

Photos: Kimene Slattery-Ching and Peter Ching

Hair: Adeline Harvey

Clothes: Heidi’s own

Shoes: Mimco

Jewellery (All PANDORA): Radiant Elegance Earrings, Silver Bracelets, Radiant Hearts Charms, Shining Elegance Spacer Clip, Sparkling Love Knot Charm, Radiant Elegance Ring, Blush Pink Droplet Feature Ring, Aqua Blue Droplet Feature Ring, Silver Poetic Droplet Ring, Alluring Brilliance Marquise Stackable Ring, Hearts of Pandora Stackable Ring, Sparkling Droplets Ring, Sparkling Golden Bow Ring

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  1. Adeline

    Amazing. Stunning. The best things you’ve ever done xx


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