La Vie En Rose

Have you ever translated the lyrics to Edith Piaf’s signature song “La Vie En Rose”? The French on its own is remarkably romantic, but what really makes you melt is understanding exactly what that earthy voice of hers is saying. Not only does it convey the feelings soft happiness and giddy optimism, this song (popularised in 1946) found appeal with those who had survived the difficulties of wartime and were finding happiness in new beginnings. Miss Piaf summed up that hope and love with the colour pink.




Pink is feminine and romantic, affectionate and intimate, thoughtful and caring. It tones down the physical passion of red replacing it with a gentle loving energy.

When I think pink, I think of the strawberry part of a tub of Neapolitan ice-cream that I was partial to as a child. I think of the ombré skies of a sunset, the stocking-clad legs and leather-bound feet of little girls with big dreams in ballet class, bubblegum and fairy floss, lipstick, fresh watermelon, fingertips, strawberry milkshakes, petals, and the carpet left in the wake of shedding cherry blossom trees. It is a colour that inspires feelings of innocence, hope and health, all words that I also associate with Spring.





When I saw the pieces in PANDORA’S Poetic Blooms range, I knew I wanted to capture the effervescent energy, the untouched beauty and the promise of new beginnings that this season delivers. It is Spring that inspires the same kind of tender love that has Edith Piaf declaring she is seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, and I couldn’t think of a better way to tie all that loveliness together than to take a leaf out of her book and use the colour pink.

Heidi xx

The jewellery that inspired this piece, Pandora’s Spring collection Poetic Blooms is available here:

Hair- Adeline Harvey

Photos- Kimene Slattery-Ching and Peter Ching

Dress- Max&Co.

Jewellery (All PANDORA)- Radiant Elegance Earrings, Blooming Dahlia EarringsRadiant Elegance Ring, Blooming Dahlia Statement Rings, Hearts of Pandora Stackable Ring, Sparkling Golden Bow Ring, Alluring Brilliance Marquise Stackable Ring, Sparkling Droplets Ring, Silver Bracelets, Gold Shining Elegance Spacer Clip, Blooming Dahlia Clip, Blooming Dahlia Hanging Charm, Silver PANDORA Anchor Chain Necklace

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