Forget Me Not

I am a hopeless romantic. No doubt about it. Grand gestures, happily-ever-afters, tales of young love and stories of people who have grown old together all have my heart aflutter. I could watch Love Actually and The Notebook a million times over and still shed tears. The most-played song on my iPod is Vegas Skies (by The Cab) and I will devour any romance novel no matter how corny or unrealistic it is. After all of this, my favourite gesture and the one I still find the most romantic? Flowers.






I love blooms: their scent, the colours and the sentiments behind them. We all know that red roses symbolise love, sunflowers are synonymous with happiness and daisies represent innocence. However, the flower with the most poetic meaning, and the one I’ve decided I would covert most from someone, is the charming and diminutive Forget-Me-Not.

Forget-Me-Nots are delicate little flowers that grow in clusters. Legend has it that in medieval times, a knight was walking along the banks of a river with his lady. The lady asked her knight to pick a posy of blue flowers that were rocking on the waves, but he fell into the river because of the weight of his armour. As he was drowning he threw the flowers to his love and shouted “forget me not”.





Pandora’s Poetic Blooms collection includes earrings, a necklace, charms and rings featuring forget-me-nots. I think there’s no better way to wear them than altogether, clustered like forget-me-nots that grow in the wild.

They are said to represent a love that never dies, and I can’t think of anything more romantic than receiving bunches of forget-me-nots in jewellery form from someone you love. And if you don’t have a knight in shining armour? Buy them for yourself anyway. They are far too pretty to resist.

Heidi xx

Hair: Adeline Harvey

Photos: Kimene Slattery-Ching and Peter Ching

Dress: Cameo the Label

Shoes: Zara (similar here)

Jewellery (All PANDORA)- Forget-Me-Not Ring Band, Purple Poetic Droplet Feature Ring, Radiant Elegance Ring, Floral Daisy Lace Feature Ring, Forget-Me-Not Feature Ring, Forget-Me-Not Hanging Earrings, Floral Daisy Lace Stud Earrings, Forget-Me-Not Collier Necklace, Timeless Elegance Bangles, Pandora Silver Bracelet, Floral Daisy Lace Openwork Clip, Forget-Me-Not Openwork Charm, Forget-Me-Not Hanging Charm, Fancy Purple Shining Elegance Spacer

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