A Personal Touch

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that we women can never find exactly what we are looking for when shopping for an event.





You know what I’m talking about don’t you? You spend hours trolling the shops, but all you up with is a pile of discarded options because they were too casual, too formal, unflattering, you didn’t like the colour or it didn’t fit what you had in mind and you are not wavering.

It happens to me all the time, particularly when I have to go to ballet events that involve some type of after party. The same crowd is usually always in attendance, and I don’t want to be that person that wears the same thing to every function.

Im usually hoping that a trip to the shops will yield something that ticks all these boxes:

1. Elegant. No matter what, I would want to wear something that I could be proud of for years to come.
2. Feminine. I’ve never been a big follower of androgynous or super sleek looks. My outfit would have to have an element of femininity, whether it be the colour, silhouette or details.
3. Stylish. I believe that there is a huge difference between being stylish and being trendy. They are intertwined, but being on trend doesn’t necessarily mean you are dressing with style. Being stylish by definition means that you are showing elegance (see point 1), taste and refinement.
4. Colour. There are so many beautiful colours to chose from- how can you pin it down to just one?
5. Fun. I think dressing your age is really important, and so for young women, there is no harm in having an element of playfulness in an outfit.




I can tell you from extensive experience, it’s virtually impossible. So I’ve come up with a solution for hitting my mark- jewellery.

There is no better jewellery to mix and match and layer in order to create something perfect and suitable for you than PANDORA.

With the elegant bangles with just a hint of sparkle, floral pieces with their delicate feminine filagree or smooth, pearly petals, sleek silver and playful pink droplet rings and an array of charms that combine all of these elements, I was able to create exactly what I wanted to bring this outfit to life.

PANDORA has given me the means to express who I am, from my love of colour to my gravitation towards all things floral. At the end of the day, no matter what your personal style is, the look you are trying to create or the occasion you are dressing for, you can make your outfit come to life with all the little personal touches, and that’s my favourite thing about dressing up.

Heidi xx

Hair- Adeline Harvey

Photos- Kimene Slattery-Ching and Peter Ching

Dress- Ulla Johnson (different style here)

Shoes- Forever New

Jewellery (All PANDORA)-Luminous Floral Earring Stud, Floral Daisy Lace Earring Stud, Luminous Floral Statement Ring, Pink Poetic Medium Feature Droplet Ring, Shimmering Bouquet Statement Ring, Timeless Elegance Bangle, Pink Woven Leather Bracelet, PANDORA silver bracelet, Luminous Elegance Hanging Charm, Luminous Floral Openwork Charm, Pink Shimmer Faceted Murano Glass Charm, Floral Daisy Lace Openwork Clip

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