InVESTigating An Alternative To Coats

Does anyone else ever get completely fed up with how heavy winter coats can be? And have you ever found it super awkward to eat or do things with your hands because the cuffs get in the way? Maybe I’m the only one, but sometimes I feel almost suffocated by my layers and I crave for the cold on just a little bit of my skin.






I have found the solution in the form of a vest. Vests are not normally something you would find in my wardrobe. I instantly conjure up images of the fluorescent kind that council workers wear, faux fur gilets that get matted and tatty, or puffer vests (basically a wearable life jacket).

Then one day I saw the chicest “biker” vest in the window of Seed Heritage, and my view on them changed entirely.





Vest, Seed Heritage, Sweater, Zara, Jeans, Forever New, Shoes, Topshop (similar here), Clutch, Mimco, Earrings, Mimco (similar here), Bracelets, Pandora, Georgini and Mimco (similar here), Charms, Pandora

I took this vest with me to New York, and if it were possible, fell even more in love with it. You see, not only was I toasty warm, I had unencumbered use of my arms. I ate a salad and didn’t have to worry about my sleeves wearing the dressing, I got in and of cabs without feeling like I was carrying another person on my back and I didn’t have to worry about carrying it like another bag whenever I went indoors.

Go and arm yourself with one, ladies. It’s the solution to all your transeasonal (and maybe even winter) problems!

Heidi xx

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