The Unicorn Dress

You know the feeling when you see something in a shop, or online, and you just know it HAS to be yours? I get that feeling an awful lot, so I try really hard not to be an impulsive buyer and to give things a day or so to mull over. When I saw this dress in my Instagram newsfeed, it occupied my every spare thought for three days, a clear sign that it was meant to be.




unicorn dress 353


I’m calling it “The Unicorn Dress” for obvious reasons: pastel, dream-worthy and all that embellishment like a hefty dose of magic sprinkled across it.

The only problem was that I had to buy this dress online (something I really despise doing) and I always forget that the models on the websites are probably a good head and a half taller than I am, with willowy limbs that make mine look a garden gnome’s by comparison. When I pulled this dress out for the first time, the cape-like sleeves swallowed me whole, and I looked less like anything from a fairy tale and more like Dame Edna.


unicorn dress 358




Dress, Asos (also see similar options here and here), Shoes, Wittner, Clutch, Ted Baker (similar here and here), Earrings, Mimco, Ring, Mimco

So off I went to a seamstress, who took a good 10cm off each sleeve, and at least half that much off the hem. I couldn’t have been happier with the result, which just goes to show that Olivia Palermo had the right of it when she said one of the most important things in fashion is tailoring.

I wore this dress to my very dear Adeline’s (she’s the one responsible for any better-than-average hairstyles I may sport) 18th birthday dinner last week. Tempted as I was to never take it off and just go to bed in it, it’s hanging safely in my wardrobe, ready for another dreamy adventure.

Heidi xx


  1. bagatyou

    You look fabulous!!! I absolutely love your dress and your clutch!! Super super beautiful!! Xx Susanne –


  2. Eclética and Chic

    Amazing lovely dress!


  3. Sarah Charlotte

    Oh. My. Gosh. This dress is a dream!!! It suits you to the ground!!


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