The Problem With Overalls

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I’ve been meaning to post this outfit for ages, but got side-tracked by other posts and it’s only just making it to the blog now.






This isn’t the first time I’ve worn overalls on here, and it won’t be the last! They are perfect when you want to by-pass jeans and wear something a little bit different. I’ve owned short-length overalls almost my whole life (thanks for that red corduroy pair when I was a toddler, Mum) but it wasn’t until this year that I braved trying full-length ones.

I was inspired to buy these when I went to lunch with my friend Layla and she wore a faux leather pair. She looked so stylish and cute.



marina mirage 221


Sweater, Gorman (also like this one and this one), Overalls, Forever New (similar here), Shoes, Topshop (similar here), Leather Jacket, Forever New (similar here), Bag, Kate Spade, Rings, Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, and Pandora, Earrings, Pandora and Pandora

The only problem I have had with overalls like these is that I think they really emphasise the width of the hips. I get around this by wearing a top with long sleeves, as I feel they slightly broaden the shoulders and make the hips look smaller and more proportionate. Maybe that’s just my weird little quirk, but there you go. It has something to do with the bib part being so much narrower than the denim around the hips. Whether it’s a trick of the eye or not, I don’t know any girl that wants to be noticed for her big derriรจre.

I found this turtleneck on the sale rack of Gorman. They always have the cutest prints and the most interesting colour combinations, and I wanted a top that was going to keep me warm as I headed to dinner with my friends.

How do you guys like to style your overalls? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Heidi xx

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  1. natcrys

    Looking gorgeous in this outfit! And obviously.. the leather jacket and the stiletto heels really up the chic factor a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And uhm.. I guess if overalls widen the hips optically.. I might start to use them, since my hips are non-existent! ๐Ÿ˜€

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram


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