Sweet Peach

My favourite part of fashion magazines has always been the editorials. The first time I ever saw one (and paid attention) was in a Vogue Australia- April 2007 to be exact.






The model was wearing these amazing gowns- from pale pink to claret and soft florals, and it was photographed in and around a tree house and on a rope swing. It was, in a word, Magic. Since then I’ve always flipped straight to the editorials when I get a new magazine. I’ve seen everything from fairytale to underwater shoots. I am completely captivated by the effort and vision that goes into each photo. I’ve always thought that, had I been blessed with legs 20cm longer and less of an obsession with desserts, I’d love to have been a part of creating something so beautiful.

Every time I wear an outfit, I imagine how I would photograph it if logistics weren’t a problem… if I had the means to take THE perfect picture each time.

My wardrobe is chock full of lace and dainty clothes, and I’m always wishing I could take a tumble down a rabbit hole and find some fantastical wonderland full of flowers and lovely things to showcase them in.

Unfortunately what I envisage rarely comes to life. I’m more of a weeny garden gnome than an Amazonian model, and although Chelsey and Jack are amazing, we are limited by our resources and man power.







Dress, Sandro, Shoes, Wittner, Bag, Mimco (similar here), Ring, Samantha Wills, Threads, Samantha Wills, Earrings, Samantha Wills

Every now and then though, we hit on the perfect location, or the lighting just works, or the camera decides it doesn’t hate me after all, and the result is something I’m really happy with.

At the weekend, Jack and I went up to Mount Tamborine, which has long been one of my favourite local spots, to take some photos. I’ve known about Tea and Niceties and their wisteria arbour for ages and have often thought I’d love to shoot something for the blog there if I had an outfit that I thought could do such a romantic setting justice.

Then I came across this dress by French label Sandro. It’s my favourite in my wardrobe at the moment because it’s just so sweet. I’ve often commented on this blog in the past that when I was 16, all I wore was cream, pink and pretty. Although I like to think I’ve diversified, this is exactly the type of dress that would have had me in fits of ecstasy back then, and it’s kind of nice to get back to my roots on occasion.

Perfect dress, perfect location, and one very happy girl. A big thank you to Jack for making this vision come to life.

Heidi xx

1 Comment

  1. Giulietta

    Love this look! Especially love the photographs 🙂
    P.S. My wardrobe is full of Sandro!


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