Sugar Sugar

My sweet tooth knows no bounds. It’s been that way since I was a child, and shows no signs of waning. Anyone who knows me will testify that ice-cream is a dietary staple for me (as are butterscotch lollies, macarons, brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts, peanut MnM’s… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it) and I think it’s now at such an out-of-control point that this obsession with all things sugary and sweet is spilling into all areas of my life- not just food.









My wardrobe is currently overflowing with clothes that can only be described as confections. Always a lover of lace and pretty pastels, I’ve been unashamedly taking it to the next level lately as we finally move into Spring.

Today’s look is my second Pandora-inspired Spring Racing post. I went in a completely different direction from the outfit featured in my last post and decided instead to pay homage to my inner dessert-loving-child (the same one who petitioned to have her little sister named “Pink-Flower”).









Dress, Seed Heritage, Shoes, Seed Heritage, Clutch, Mimco, Hat, Alannah Hill, Earrings, Pandora and Pandora, Bangles (left hand) Pandora and Pandora with Pandora and Pandora Beads, (right hand) Pandora, Pandora with Pandora and Pandora Charms, Pandora with Pandora and Pandora Beads, Rings (left hand) Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, (right hand) Pandora, Pandora, Pandora and Pandora

I have to admit, that when I first saw this dress, I did wonder if maybe it was a little bit too much. Even the woman who served me in Seed Heritage said “I really don’t know about this one- it’s just so PINK!” (I mean, well spotted). I knew I would have to wear shoes that were a little bit edgy to avoid looking like a total cream puff.

I added the prettiest little boater I’ve ever seen, and iced the whole thing with my favourite sort of jewellery: delicate, sparkly, pearly and pink.

I know that not everyone shares my tastes, but I’ve never met a person who didn’t appreciate a bit of sugar every now and then.

Heidi xx

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  1. I am in love with all the jewellery you are wearing. The floral ring is so pretty! Love the rest of the look and the soft colors too. Thanks for sharing. do drop by my blog as well : 🙂


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