Dreams Around My Wrist

I have an affinity with flowers- not quite as drastic as my love of desserts, but it’s worth a mention all the same. All types, all colours, anyway they come, I just think they’re beautiful. I promised myself that when I grew up, I would always have flowers around my home. The “always” hasn’t quite come to pass, but more often than not I remember to pick some up, and when they do die and the vase sits unfilled, my room always feels just a little bit empty.












I think the first time I appreciated flowers was on a family holiday to Tasmania when I was six. We visited a few lavender and tulip farms, and all that colour, stretched out as far as the eye could see in every direction, made an everlasting impact.

Visiting the world famous tulip fields of Holland and the lavender fields of Aix-en-Provence in the south of France are both on my bucket list, so I was excited to learn that Jasmin Organics, which resides on Mount Tamborine, grows a lot of the crop for their skincare and beauty lines on site.

I took a trip up there with my friend Bella a little while ago. The lavender had yet to bloom and was hardly noteworthy, but there was an entire section of pink chamomile daisies that were just asking for someone to twirl through them, and white roses whose perfume saturated the air.













Dress, Seed Heritage (similar here and here), Shoes, Mimco (similar here), Bag, Sancia, Earrings, Pandora and Pandora, Rings (left hand) Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, Pandora and Pandora, (right hand) Pandora, Pandora and Pandora, Bangles (left hand) Pandora, Pandora with Pandora and Pandora Beads and Pandora with Pandora, Pandora and Pandora Beads, (right hand) Pandora, Pandora, Pandora with Pandora, Pandora and Pandora beads and Pandora with Pandora, Pandora and Pandora Beads

When I chose these Pandora pieces, I had the fields of Jasmin Organics in mind. Pearl for the roses, pink for the chamomile and purple for the lavender I had yet to see.

I went back to Mount Tamborine a few weeks ago with Jack, and was elated to find that in place of the nondescript shrubs I had encountered on the first visit, there was a sea of fragrant purple. It was so beautiful, and not just to look at either. The way the lavender hums with hundreds of bumble bees and ripples when the wind sweeps across it… I can’t even imagine it on a bigger scale.

I’ll get to Europe and these exotic places one day, but until then I’m wearing these charms around my wrists as a reminder of beautiful things, childhood memories and to dream big.

Heidi xx


  1. foodfashionfranceblog

    Do you mind me asking what camera you use? Your pictures are always so beautiful I love the dress by the way!


    1. It’s a Canon 60D – we aren’t very experienced but hopefully getting better with practice xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. foodfashionfranceblog

        Thank you! I’m definitely putting a camera on my Christmas list this year!


  2. You look absolutely gorgeous!


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