Something Different

Don’t you hate it when you see someone (or multiple someones) walking around in the same clothes as you. I think everyone likes to feel that they are unique- I certainly do. Sometimes I feel my wardrobe is full of boring choices, so when I find clothes that I think are a bit of fun or are unusual, and that I don’t think everyone else will be wearing, I snap them up.






Beautiful colours, patterns and prints, detail or embellishment are all things that really draw me to clothes. As much as I love denim and white sneakers, I prefer to wear clothes that make people take notice rather then blend in by wearing something that is completely unoriginal.

I just adore the detail on this sweater and thought it was such a fresh take on a winter wardrobe staple, and perfect to wear at the moment while the weather is still a quite mild in the evenings.





Sweater, Maje, Pants, Maje, Shoes, Pink Inc. (similar here), Clutch, Mimco (similar here), Ring, Pandora, Earrings, Pandora

The detail that I’m talking about doesn’t have to be big or obvious though. I’m also digging the faux velvet suspenders on these pants.

Put them together and I think you’ve got something a little bit different and fun- a tailored look with a side of colour and a dollop of preppy.

Heidi xx

1 Comment

  1. retrocasual

    I agree, I think unusual items are so much more fun and I like to stand out with my outfit choice


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