Zest For Life

I can practically feel summer in the air. Apart from the obvious increase in heat, days are getting longer, the water is getting warmer, it’s becoming socially acceptable (or more so) to consume as much ice-cream as I do, mangoes will soon be in season, and holidays are just around the corner. It also heralds the return of my favourite sorts of clothes.







I often hear people say that winter fashion is so much more interesting than summer, and to be honest, it’s a statement that I still can’t quite wrap my head around. Not only is it hard to find clothes that aren’t black, white, grey or fawn in winter, but often I feel like I’ve got an interesting outfit together, and then I go and cover it all up with a big coat.

Summer brings with it clothes that are meant to be shown off and that are fun to wear. When I saw this little lemon jumpsuit, I thought it perfectly encapsulated my favourite season. The shorts, the lace, off-the-shoulder, that frill, and of course the kind of colour that just screams of long hot days of fun and sun.






Jumpsuit, Seed Heritage, Shoes, Wittner, Pouch, Kate Spade (similar here and here), Bangles, Kate Spade (similar here), Earrings, Gas Bijoux (similar here), Sunglasses, Kate Spade (different colour here)

I always think that what you wear can drastically affect your mood, and so for the perfect blue sky Sunday we had a few weeks ago, I put on all my favourite summer pieces (so far). I often don’t feel like I’m someone who belongs at the beach, but what do you know? A little lemon jumpsuit and holiday-inspired accessories puts me in the mood. Summer here we come!

Heidi xx

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  1. I love the yellow dress


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