Le Diner En Blanc

I’m always up for something new and different. It’s easy to get complacent in your day-to-day routine, to keep doing the things you always do and limiting your experiences to what is easy and convenient. A few weekends ago Chelsey and I attended an event that was so different from my average Saturday night, and I’m still reminiscing about it.








A mystery location, 3000 guests attired elegantly in stark white, eating, dancing and an abundance of fairy- and candlelight under the stars- this is Le Diner En Blanc. No one knows where it will take place until the last minute, and afterwards a passer-by should have no hint that the splendour of such an occasion ever happened.

Le Diner En Blanc is a pop-up gourmet picnic, starting at dusk and dissolving itself into the night. The concept began in Paris is 1988, when Frenchman Francois Pasquier invited a group of friends to an elegant outdoor dinner at Bois de Boulogne, asking them to dress in white so that they could find each other. Le Diner is now held in over 70 cities across six continents, with almost 15000 attending the 25th-anniversary event in Paris.

Chelsey and I had intended to attend last year’s Diner, but work commitments prevented me from getting there, and I’ve been anticipating this year’s event ever since. It takes time, and a decent amount of effort and organisation to get yourself there, but is definitely worth it.








Dress, AJE, Shoes, Seed Heritage, Pouch, Mimco, Ring, Sarah and Sebastian (similar here), Earrings, Sarah and Sebastian, Sarah and Sebastian, Sarah and Sebastian

It was such an amazing sight to look out across the Botanical Gardens, where this year’s Diner was hosted, and see a sea of white in every direction.

Deciding what to wear proved to be a little tricky. Do you know how hard it is to find white clothes? Not cream, or porcelain or ivory- stark white. I had originally intended to wear tailored pants and a top, but when I saw this dress, I threw those plans out the window faster than you can say “picnic”.

The bow, the skirt, the casual silhouette… it was the perfect choice for an elegant dinner, and the best part (though I can’t take full credit as I didn’t intentionally do this) was that my feet were comfortable all night.

Heidi xx

Information on Le Diner En Blanc in your city can be found HERE.

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