As far as items one can wear, jewellery is definitely my favourite. I think my bowerbird tendencies were first awakened when I was a little girl, and I’d go through my Mum’s bedside draws. She had an old jewellery box that was full of clip-on earrings from the 80’s and 90’s. There were vibrant jewels and enormous pearls, and I’d clip them on and swan around the house pretending to be a princess.







Although I still have a very soft spot for costume gems, I think the part of my Mum’s jewellery collection that impacted me the most was her fine jewellery, which I always revered and never touched. She favoured yellow gold, and still has a chain, her wedding and engagement rings and two bangles that she wears every day.

I suppose I saw a lot of my friend’s mothers with similar collections, and I always thought having fine jewellery was the mark of a lady, and something to really aspire to.







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Fast forward 20 years, and these feelings were reawakened when Michael Hill at Stockland Burleigh offered to loan me a few of their literally dazzling diamond pieces for an outfit.

Trying on the exquisite diamond rings and bracelets catapulted me straight back to my days of childhood dress-ups and frivolity- I guess I haven’t outgrown wanting to feel like a princess.






In an age of instant gratification and quantity over quality, I’m reminded of why I held my Mum’s fine jewellery in such high regard; a status symbol of a life well-lived, and often a woman well-loved enough to have received such gifts. Diamonds may be pricey, but the feeling that you get when you’re wearing them? Priceless.

Heidi xx

Thank you to Michael Hill at Stockland Burleigh for supplying the jewellery for this post.

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  1. Can we just take a second to appreciate how adorable your dress is!


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