Mistaken Adventures

I’d like to think that my friend Bethany and I are pretty prolific Instagram stalkers. She’s that one friend that is constantly tagging me in or sending pictures of hilarious and relatable or memes, or photos that are, as someone ten years younger than me might say, “goals”.






You know the photos I mean? Those accounts you follow and they seem to have the most amazing lives, and all they do is travel and eat a lot of incredible looking food but never put on weight? Yep, my feed is chock full of envy-inducing photos like that.

On Friday Bethany and I were walking along the beach, and we stumbled across a little cubby house made from driftwood and fallen branches. To be honest it looked a little like a lair for nefarious activities and copious illicit substance consumption, but we thought it had a certain charm about it. Inspired by many a chic-gypsy-beach-picnic photo on Instagram, we made plans to return on Sunday with bits and pieces to make it more habitable. I mean, throw out the several hundred beer bottles and take down the sign that welcomed us to “The Fully Sick Shabby Shack” and you practically had yourself a palace.







Dress, Tigerlily (similar here and playsuit version here), Sandals, Ancient Greek, Earrings, Satya (similar here)

Fairylights, Typo, Lanterns, Typo, Tealights, Wheel and Barrow, Candle, Wheel and Barrow, Cushions, Big W and Big W, Picnic mats, Spotlight and Big W, Curtains, Big W

When we arrived on Sunday, everything that could potentially go wrong did. The cubby had been destroyed by a bonfire, but we took it in stride and set ourselves up on the open beach.I had bought the wrong size batteries for the little fairy lights we had with us and had to madly dash down the beach to my car and go in search of the proper sized ones. I’m not a runner at the best of times, so I’m sure I was a sight for sore eyes as I hustled up the sand in my colourful maxi dress, panting like some sort of overlarge dog on two legs. Our picnic was attacked by a flock of hungry seagulls as we went to dip our toes in the water. Salted caramel and fig cheesecake may taste good no matter what it looks like, but trying to eat it with large claw-like gouge marks out of the top kind of ruins the aesthetics of a super cool, bohemian picnic.

Regardless, or maybe because of all of these problems, we had the best time. It’s been a while since I laughed so hard or made that much effort to do something just for fun. You know those adventures that kind of happen by accident but end up being some of your favourite memories ever? Well this is going down as one of mine, and I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you, Instagram and Bethany, for your ability to provide me with endless inspiration and laughs.

Heidi xx


  1. Bethany

    So much love ❤️


  2. lucyrosefindingjoy

    You big cutie! Seriously though – this style of clothing? TOTALLY suits you Heids ❤


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  4. Sarah Charlotte

    This has to be one of your best blog posts- I absolutely love Tigerlily on you! I’ve loved the brand for a long time, but have never purchased anything as I am more preppy and pretty in my fashion choices (like yourself). I love the fairylights in this shoot, the photos are simply stunning!


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