Postcard from Italy

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have a major travel bug. My feet itch to go to new places and see new things all the time. I’ve got lists in my phone, the back of my diary, spare bits of paper in my handbag and on the back of receipts of places I want to go.






At the very top of that list is Positano, a colourful cliff-side village along Italy’s Amalfi Coast. If you’re scratching your head, go and have a Google. I’m sure once you do you’ll realise that you have in fact seen numerous photos of this tourism magnet.

Why Positano, you ask? Well, apart from the ocean and Italian food, one very obvious reason is that it is SO photogenic, just look at all that colour! I have photos of the streets of Positano stuck everywhere, all showcasing rambling purple bougainvillea and potted flowers, cobblestoned alleys lined with restaurant tables and beautiful, intricate tiles.






Dress, Thurley, Shoes, Forever New, Clutch Mimco, Earrings, Jennifer Zeuner (similar here), Bangles and Bracelets, Mimco, Mimco (similar here) and Georgini

When I saw this dress, I was instantly reminded of the photos I had seen of Positano, and lo and behold, it’s actually called the Amalfi Dress.

Heidi xx

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