Party On My Feet

I’ve mentioned a few times how partial I am to chambray, particularly in summer. What I probably haven’t mentioned is my tendency to collect really eclectic pieces and then find I have no idea how to wear them, or what to wear them with.





I had a really bad habit of doing this when I was about 16. I’d buy things and they would sit in my wardrobe for years because I couldn’t bear to throw them out, but they never saw the light of day.

I didn’t want these sandals to end up being another failed statistic at the bottom of my wardrobe. They are the very sort of thing I would have ended up doing this with 10 years ago. I decided I needed either a skirt or a dress. Something casual and plain (because there would basically be a full-blown party happening on my feet).





Dress, Seed Heritage (darker version here, skirt version here), Shoes, Mystique (also like these, these and these), Earrings, Seed Heritage (similar here), Clutch, Oroton (similar here

Enter this cute-as dress with its little rah-rah skirt. I’ve owned chambray dresses before, but never one quite as feminine or sweet. It seemed the perfect choice to pair with these shoes.

I’m hoping I’ve broken a cycle with these shoes. I try not to buy things I don’t immediately know what to do with, but sometimes it’s hard to resist. I guess that’s what the Internet is for!

Heidi xx

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  1. Patty M. Tierney

    Nice look over all. Love your ear-rings. Browsing ClothingRIC helps me save a lot.


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