Sample Sale

I am, and have always been, a bit of a bowerbird. I love shiny, pretty things (my earrings collection is testament to this) and this poses a bit of problem for my wardrobe. I just keep falling in love with, and buying clothes that are much more suited to eveningwear than the practical day-to-day stuff.





At one end of the spectrum we have a virtual pop-up shop worth of activewear, and then a whole wardrobe full of silk, sequins, lace and frills. I think the problem is that I’m really drawn to embellishment.

When I was in Sydney last year AJE were having a sample sale. I had never been to one before, but knowing the odds of my being in Sydney on just the day that one of my favourite brands were having this? I had to go.






Top, AJE (also like this one), Skirt, Forever New (similar here), Shoes, Seed Heritage (similar here), Clutch, Mimco, Earrings, Pandora and Pandora, Rings, Pandora, Pandora and Pandora

When I arrived in the hotel basement where the sale was being held, it was a mad house. One of the reasons I love AJE so much is the embroidery, beading etc. of each piece that makes them unique and special. The sale had plenty of that, in fact it looked like an outrageous disco had just taken place in the light of day and then the participants had stampeded from the building.

Although I could have walked out with bags full of things I liked, in the end I just went with this little top. It’s perfect for wearing during summer days, AND it’s got the little blue beads to keep my inner treasure-hunter satisfied.

Heidi xx

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