Back To The Poncho

I think I recently mentioned in a post that teenaged-me had a bit of a penchant for bright, colourful things with a South American vibe. I would see tasseled sandals, woven bags, shoulder-length earrings and chunky necklaces, and cart them all home only to let them sit in my wardrobe and gather dust. You see my style basically resembled an Iced Vovo (for those of you who don’t live in Australia, this is a sweet biscuit topped with pink marshmallow and coconut with a little strip of jam) and I literally had nothing to wear these random pieces with.






One of the more ridiculous things I brought home was a poncho. Yes, you read that correctly. I bought it from Sportsgirl, it was tie-dyed peach and I saved up for it for a good month or so.

I wore it once, decided I looked like the most ridiculous try-hard and gave it to my sister, who literally wore it everywhere.






Top, Zimmermann (also similar here and here), Shorts, Seed Heritage (similar here and playsuit version here), Shoes, Wittner, Clutch, Mimco, Earrings, Pandora, Bracelets, Mimco and Pandora with Pandora, Pandora and Pandora Charms, Necklace, Tiffany & Co.

Interestingly enough, ten or so years down the track, I find history repeating itself. Tassels are everywhere at the moment and there are some distinctly Mexican-inspired tops (think embroidery- it’s everywhere). I found one I LOVED and decided that yes, 25-year-old me is definitely up for the challenge.

This top (which I’m mentally calling a poncho) is giving off the perfect fit and vibe for summer. It’s beach appropriate, perfect for a relaxed dinner and to my mind, everything in between.

Heidi xx


  1. A poncho??? More like an exquisite work of art!


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