Monthly Archives: February 2017

All That Sparkles Is Unicorn

Fun fact that I may not have mentioned on the blog before- I’m an avid baker. Actually just a total foodie, but I love cooking and specifically baking. When I was a teenager I was often home on holidays when my parents had no time off, and I’d spend my days home alone. I would…

Let Me Introduce You

Let me introduce you to Elegance and Joy, a new jewellery brand with a twist. I think anyone who knows me can attest the fact that I am a huge jewellery fan, which is kind of lucky considering this is the third brand I’ve been approached by and collaborated with on The Professional Cinderella.

Third Time Lucky

One of the best feelings when it comes to fashion is discovering a new combination of old favourites that you didn’t realise could go together. I often find that by about the third time I wear an outfit, I’ve got the accessories down-pat and I’m wearing my favourite version.

Spread The Love

I’ve never been a big advocate of Valentine’s Day for two reasons: 1. My birthday is the day before and 2. I’m always single. Being single leaves a decent amount of time for self-reflection, and so in the last few years I’ve come to realise that Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be about you…