When Comfort’s What You Need

I am constantly reading things about how uncomfortable women find bras, and how fantastic it is when you’re home alone and can go without one. Personally, I’ve never had such an issue with my underwear… but can we talk about how uncomfortable jeans can be? Denim just doesn’t want to go with the flow, and it’s impossible to relax in. Or how about fitted tops or dresses that are your food baby’s worst enemy? Or a pretty blouse that you know will crease the minute you sit down in it?






My idea of the ultimate piece of comfort clothing is an A-line dress. Something that just hangs straight from the neckline, swirls with you when you walk, and means you can eat endless amounts of pizza and ice cream and not have to suck it in.

I say comfort clothing because the potential to look like you are a bit of a blob, or wearing a sack is glaringly obvious, particularly if you are vertically challenged like me and are opting for a mid-length dress.







Dress, Alpha 60, Shoes, Wittner, Bag, Michael Kors (similar here), Necklace, By Charlotte, Bangles, Marc Jacobs (similar here), Earrings

This find was too good to pass by though. It’s from Alpha 60, an Australian label that derives its name from the French noir film Alphaville. This dress had the transcript from the movie embroidered on the fabric, plus with the little button detail at the back, it was the perfect mix of sophisticated and quirky that Alpha 60 has become known for.

I’ve lived in this dress for the last few weeks of summer, so it’s a pity it’ll soon be too cold for me to leave the house in.

Heidi xx


  1. Oh my goodness, those earrings are adorable!

    xo Logan


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